One Habit That Helps You Get 2X out of a Speaker Session — Followup. And Here is How You Do It

I recommend everyone build a habit of sending follow up using Linkedin connect messages (if not possible, then email) to the speakers right after the speaker session. I have been doing this for few years. And I realized how helpful this habit is recently when my startup needed some urgent help and my 1st and 2nd degree Linkedin connections helped answered my questions and saved my day.

Why Followup and How it Works:

1. If you have this follow up message/email as an initial contact point, then it becomes much easier to reconnect with that speaker later on if you ever needed them, since they will remember you for that.

2. Grow your network, especially on Linkedin. A person who likes to be a speaker generally is well-connected. After connecting with that person, if you ever need anyone in his network, it will become much easier since they will see you as their 2nd-degree contact.


Here is a template I got from my startup coach for this type of follow up messages. It works really well: “Hi xxx, I am xxx, I am working on xxx (Let that person know who you are). Thank you for doing xxx today (remind them how they interacted with you). I really liked your xxx (A personal note, do not have to be this sentence). If you need any help in xxx, feel free to contact me (offer help, if you see an area you can help them).”

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